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Life or Death

LIFE OR DEATH: a project that opens with “Fly” encouraging KLP to pursue his endeavours in the space of hip-hop and rap while introducing the theme of the album and the imminent choice that needs to be made. The thread of this choice between life or death is weaved thoughtfully throughout each track, tracing the decline of a mind into thoughts of suicide to emphasize the reality of mental illness. However, the project seeks to display the power of God that is present in human weakness, and moves the listener through the different stages of KLP’s mind-state throughout the journey.

Event Details


Friday, February 16, 2024


Starts 7:00pm ET


2720 Gananoque Drive

Mississauga, ON

About KLP

KLP is a Christian artist who will be performing his project “Life or Death” that is out on all streaming platforms now. He worked hard to put together a project that is professional, promising, and intentional. The story walks the listener through the thoughts and struggles that entered his mind, with a major emphasis on the reality of mental illness. Through authentic and transparent storytelling, he will share God’s work of redemption in his life, specifically looking at what pushed him towards writing the project in the summer and fall of 2022.

Opening Artist

Raymond To also known as Rayto, is a rapper from Brampton, Ontario. His fast flow, with keen delivery makes him a versatile artist. He performs Spoken Word as well.

JRD is a Canadian artist from Brampton Ontario, . JRD draws influences from pop-punk, post-hardcore, hip-hop and everything in between


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